COVID-19 & Lockdown?

Yes, this is another CORONA post, but with nothing else to talk about, this is life right now.

Within two weeks, the cases in our state have hit over 500, with thousands more tests waiting for confirmation. The clinics I work at haven’t totally shut down, but we’re only seeing emergency patients at our largest location, and taking preventative measures at all of the others. We’re waiting to hear if we’re going to be working next week, but most of us have taken voluntary days off to try and let everyone work some if possible. My husband works for a gas company so, he’s considered an “essential” worker – but here’s my take on the whole thing.

The numbers across the country are tripling every day. The death toll continues to rise, and everywhere you look, people are still going about their day like normal. Like there isn’t a super contagious killing virus wreaking havoc across the world. People are still going out, using the shut dosn like it’s their own personal vacation, but that’s not the case. It’s DANGEROUS. People ignoring the signs are literally putting their very lives and their family’s lives in danger. Our own governor, who refuses to call a mandatory shelter and stay is endangering all of us by not forcing people to stop acting like it’s no big deal.

I have friends and family working in the hospitals, face to face with the infected and the dying. They don’t have enough PPE for a single shift, so they’re taking their own lives into their hands every time they go into a patient’s area. The branch of medical care that I work in isn’t essential, not always, but you’d be surprised how many people are still coming into the clinic to just “pick out” materials. Or just “see what we have”. It’s honestly ridiculous, as we don’t have enough cleaning supplies to disinfect the doors every single time someone touches them. We’re doing our best, but it’s just insane the amount of people that just seem to not care about their well-being or the well-being of anyone else.

I watch what is happening in NYC, and I dread the day our state reaches the level of desperation they have reached. But, deep down, I know it’s coming. Our numbers are 700+ infected, 15+ dead, and 1000+ waiting on confirmation on their positive results. Who knows how many more have been infected but aren’t being tested. It’s reached our tiny town, and that scares me. It scares me to have to go to work and then come home to my innocent babies. It scares me for everyone who thinks it’s not a big deal, but it really is, folks. It’s scary, and it’s real and it’s HERE.

I know this is what everyone else is talking about, but what else are we supposed to do? I’m working 3 days this week, so I’ve planned a few fun things to do with the girls that I normally don’t have time to do – so I’ll follow up with how those things go with a three year old and a one year old. How are ya’ll surviving quarantine? Are you working? Social Distancing? Going nuts? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “COVID-19 & Lockdown?

  1. The Cheesesellers Wife says:

    We are in ‘Lockdown’ in the UK. So many idiots still not understanding the need for more that token separation and it’s been 7 weeks now….

    Neighbours had a picnic today on thier front lawn to show thier new baby off to us all. The Grandparents had travelled in to hold her. Good grief!

    I do hope it hasn’t got like NYC where you are…..

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